Standard bikepacking ethos…..we’re not reinventing the wheel here.

  • This is a do-it-yourself, self-supported ride
  • No outside support and no caches, or dropping gear
  • No riding in planes, trains or automobiles.
  • Services used must be commercially available to all riders
  • If you own a VRBO on route – sorry…not commercially available to others
  • SPOT Trackers are highly encouraged for final standings
  • GPS units are encouraged
  • There are no entry fees, no prizes and no support
  • Riders are responsible for their own safety and well-being
  • Know and follow the rules of the road and trail
  • Riders can elect to individual time trial at any time
  • No sharing of kit between riders


First and foremost, self-supported bikepacking is a serious endeavor not to be taken lightly.  It is true adventure which means it can be dangerous, hard, exhausting, confusing, scary, fun, miserable, painful, rewarding and basically a complete sufferfest.  Please know your abilities, strengths and weakness and prepare yourself, bike and kit accordingly.

It is strongly advised to visit the Tour Divide’s rules page in order to get a sense of what self-supported bikepacking is all about.  The Tour Divide is the granddaddy of bikepacking and an invaluable resource for newcomers to the sport.  Please click on the following link to check it out…

After familiarizing yourself with the rules of the Tour Divide, the rules of the Smoke ‘n’ Fire should make more sense.

  • This is a do-it-yourself, self-supported ride, which means while on the route there is no outside support allowed like sag wagons, food, water, gear caches, family or friend help, lodging, etc.
  • Every service you use along the route should be commercially available to all the other riders.  If your CONDO IN KETCHUM is on the route you cannot spend the night in said CONDO.
  • ‘Trail Magic’ is the exception and should never be expected or abused.  ‘Trail Magic’ is when, but not limited to, an enthusiastic and kind individual offers a rider a candy bar or soda pop or beta or hug.  It does not include transport in/on a motorized vehicle.  Use your best judgment in the spirit of self-support riding on accepting ‘Trail Magic’. Trail Magic is OK but it’s not cool to beg.
  • Riding in/on motorized vehicles is prohibited
  • You MUST carry you own kit.  No sharing of tents, lights, tools, lubes, etc.
  • No dropping gear and picking it up later. Kapeesh??
  • In the event of a mechanical and you need to hitch a ride for a part or repair, you must return to the exact location where you left the course if you intend to continue the route
  • In the event you miss a section, or become lost, you must return to the exact location where you had your miscue if you intend to continue the route without an asterisk next to your name.
  • Drafting is prohibited as well as the formation of a peloton
  • It is highly recommended riders carry SPOT trackers which are a wonderful way for family and friends to watch and enjoy the ride from the comfort of their own homes/offices
  • A SPOT Tracker is not required, but encouraged, if a rider wants to be listed in the final standings.  It also provides a way to maintain integrity along the route
  • In addition to SPOT Trackers, GPS units are strongly recommended
  • This is not an official event so there are no entry fees or prizes given to finishers
  • This is not an organized or sanctioned event in any way
  • Every rider is solely responsible for their safety and conduct along the route
  • It is important to know, understand and follow the rules of the road and on the trail
  • This route can be ridden at any time as an individual time trial
  • Respect the people you encounter, and the communities along the route
  • And please follow the principles of Leave No Trace principles