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Honoring Jason Delgadillo

We are saddened at the tragic passing of one of our own.

Jason Delgadillo suffered from a fatal mountain biking accident Saturday morning, May 12th, riding one of the local trails he has ridden many, many times. Jason leaves behind his beautiful wife, Dana and five young children.

Jason was a veteran of the Smoke ‘n Fire and always one of the first to offer assistance in reconnaissance and researching alternative routes. With reroutes happening each year, Jason was a wealth of knowledge for roads and trails and volunteered to scout out some of the less desirable sections.  He was instrumental in eliminating some areas that were under consideration. Jason was all in all the time and provided incredible detail, gps tracks and always a narrative that made you smile.

One of many of his narratives…….

“We are back to the land of the living….mostly.  To the trip report.  First of all, getting dropped off at 9pm at galena lodge and immediately heading to titus lake was a treat.  a real treat.  You will be making a lot of friends with that addition.  🙂  I’m sure in the daylight it would look a lot better.  Also, lots of smoke and ash on that summit friday night.

As expected to redfish, Rob and Cody slept on the sofa’s in the unlocked lodge while Paul and I were on the lawn, until the sprinklers came on at 4am.  But it was worth the all you can eat breakfast buffet.  The single track out of redfish was tough climbing, but I enjoyed the view and the descent out.  I think that is a good addition overall. 

The reroute around the dirt on stanley was not as bad as I expected.  The summit up cape horn was very smokey, made me quite nauseous, but was able to keep it under control.  There will be no escaping that during the race.  FS579 is an absolute mess with all the fire fighting traffic I supose.  Deep, deep washboard or 6″ of sand.  Those seemed to be the two options.  But maybe it is always like that?  I’ve heard stories of years past.”


The Idaho Statesman Article about Jason:

Please consider a donation to the GoFundMe that’s been set up by his partner, Kirk, in their Boise Trails project.

Jason will be missed but never forgotten and he will live in our hearts and minds forever. He has left an indelible mark on the Idaho landscape, and his imprint is on every trail in this valley and beyond.  That should give us all some peace and comfort as we honor this humble, generous, kind and amazing man.

So many are so grateful to have known you. You’ve made us all better.

Rest in Peace, Jason.



Here we go again…

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

Coming up on the 4th edition of the official Smoke ‘n Fire, and the 6th ‘unofficial’ year of this event, we LIVE up to our name. The Bearskin Fire is growing in the Deadwood area and we are once again faced with a deviation to our route.

This is especially disappointing, not only because our beautiful forests are burning, but  last year we added some tasty new sections that we could not access due to the Pioneer Fire. This year we were featuring the all-new, and sublime, Westside Trail, now out of play. However, we are doing what we can to ensure that Mordor is in the cards.

If you plan to rent, or register, your personal SPOT device please do so right away. The deadline is here. We will have a final .GPX track soon, and the show will go on. We remain committed, yet flexible!




The Smoke ‘n Fire is coming soon….

The ever evolving Smoke ‘n Fire…

The Smoke ‘n Fire is about a month out, and this year’s race kicks off at 6:00am on Wednesday, September 13th.

But first, we have yet another reroute to sort out east of Featherville. This year miles of road have been destroyed on the South Fork from major flooding, but opportunity knocks. There are a couple of options that are being hammered out that may keep the Featherville to Smokey Creek in play. It could involve water crossings or perhaps more elevation gain and some challenging new single track. Or both.

Fire season in Idaho is late to arrive, but it’s kicking into high gear. So far we’ve  been fortunate to not have any raging, out of control, fire activity. As we know, this can change instantly.

The Trackleaders Registration link will be active on our website in a couple of weeks. You will be able to rent a SPOT device or register your private SPOT at that time. We should have the final .GPX track by the end of August. Stay tuned.

If you’re planning on toeing the line for this years event, please shoot a brief letter of intent to:

More to come as we get closer to the event. And thanks once again for your continued interest.






Plan C – the reroute is a wrap!

We have the official reroute dialed in and the .gpx track and cues wrapped up.  Emails went out to all riders with detailed information and the new route and cues are on the site.

The Deadwood area is effectively off limits, which accounts for nearly half of our route. We looked at several options to work around the fire zone but it became apparent there was not way around the Pioneer Fire. Our route was boxed in by the fire perimeter and wilderness area.

So, this year we have a modified out and back. There are actually more miles this year but the elevation gain has dropped by about 5,000 feet.  Longer but less climbing.  And there are multiple hot springs on a section of the route – Middle Fork Road, to take advantage of.

The Live Tracker is up and as riders continue to sign up the site will be populated.  You can check it out right here:  Smoke ‘ Fire 2016 Live Tracker  

625px-Ecc1898 brewery


Of Floods and Fire

Once again we will offering up a tasty reroute of this years edition of the Smoke ‘n Fire. Perhaps it’s the destiny of this event to be different each year. The reroute legwork is in process and we’ll know more next week on how this will all play out.

We have added some sweet new  single track this year – about 20 miles worth – and eliminated that much highway.  In addition, we had a successful purging of the unbeloved, and often scorned, Alder Creek Road out of Garden Valley. In its place, a twisted backroad that leads you to the Alder Summit before descending on an abandoned forest road into Mordor. You can take a look at the adds and subtracts right here, compliments of Greg Johnson : Smoke ‘n Fire Overlay

But first, we’ve got to get to Garden Valley. Last year a substantial flood demolished the road about 15 miles east of Featherville, which led to a reroute. This year the Pioneer Fire is raging and Scott Mountain Road is now closed.  And Placerville/Alder Creek is being threatened. A route is being explored this weekend that will potentially be a viable solution. And if that doesn’t work out we’ll go to Plan B…..or C. The show will go on.

math equation

Communique #1 has gone out and those who are signed up and riding should have received that email on August 18th.  It contained pertinent info to the event.

The Trackleaders Registration link is on our website and names will continue to be populated as devices are rented and registered.  The deadline for renting a SPOT is midnight, September 7th. If you own your own SPOT the deadline is September 12th. If you want to jump on it right now, go here: 2016 SPOT Registration and Rental

Here are a few images to whet your appetite from recent recon work in the Ketchum and Stanley area, both areas unaffected by the fire.

RIMG3846RIMG3842RIMG3848 RIMG3802 RIMG3726 RIMG3744 RIMG3746 RIMG3749RIMG3768RIMG3777

That’s all for now and more to come as we get closer and have the official reroute dialed.

Pedal On!

2016 Registration is Open

Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400!!

We’re a couple months out from our September 14th race date.  We have a later start this year so hopefully any fire activity will be contained and the weather should be perfect.  Last year we had a formidable reroute in blistering heat that  left mental scars on many, many riders.  This arduous reroute was reported as hot and miserable with a few riders completely broken the first day. The good news was there was a hell of a tailwind!

The washed out road east of Featherville that was cause for the reroute will not be repaired this year. But not to worry because a trail through the boulder field has been built and your legs will be happy to be off the bike pushing and carrying through this short section.

If interested send an email to: and let us know you will be at the start and where you are from.  We will add your name to the Start List and send out e-mail communiques as we get closer to race day.

Pedal On and see you in September.


2015 Smoke ‘n’ Fire is a wrap

The second edition of the Smoke ‘n’ Fire is in the books.


We had great weather this year, highlighted by extremes from mid 90’s to the mid 20’s – a 70 degree spread! Not unusual in September for our high desert environment.

The re-route was especially challenging due to the 90 plus degree heat. A couple riders claimed it was closer to 100 degrees as the were climbing out of Pine and baking on the exposed ride into Fairfield. This is not a permanent change, but nature spoke this year.


We officially had 65 riders with SPOT devices and there were a few that did not opt for using the tracker. Of the 65 that started we had 16 that scratched for reasons from mechanical to physiological to just plain mental fatigue.


Riders came from 11 different states – from the south and east coast to the west coast and Alaska. And a few folks came from Canada and two from Switzerland. Pretty amazing considering this is a second year event.

We also had some big names in the endurance game come and take on the challenge. From the 2015 Tour Divide record holder to the Queen of Pain, plus a 2015 Triple Crown Challenger finisher. Lots of bikepacking veterans came to play as well as a collection of folks new to the sport. And a strong tandem duo gave it hell, and promise to be back next year to take care of unfinished business. Pretty great stuff all around!

11952955_10100573896039983_2934788042234575462_o 11936509_10204731012336514_7301177614063753934_o

Talking with our friends at Sun Ray, Java and other local businesses, the impact of our event is very positive. And I’ve heard from a couple of the smaller business owners on route that they loved having riders come in, share stories, and consume their body weight in food and drink….in one sitting. They were all appreciative and very supportive.

11988623_10152939454571910_2891313976828634879_n 12006474_157762504565611_1633565798481395424_o

The roll out at 6:00AM Wednesday morning was smooth and almost everyone was ready. Almost. Some people were caught off guard, or snoozing, or expecting something more formal. Hey, this is bikepacking and at 6:00am you roll. The pomp and circumstance happened the night before.

11953532_652426237104_3065648156922277251_o 11937450_652426272034_2063455493581095212_o 12004955_889717277788314_2529524810487382726_n

There is so much support for our event, but there are several honorable mentions:

-Sun Ray Cafe for the hospitable pre-ride get together and post race hang out.
-Java for opening early to allow riders to ingest calories and get their caffeine fix.
-Tri Town for sidewalk support, water, beer and cookies 24/7. Thanks Dom and Antonio.
-And photographer extraordinaire Rob Huguez for the great photographs and support.
-Trackleaders and MTBCast for feeding our endurance spectator fix.
-And thank you co-conspirators for your patience…..Tyson, Bart, Lisa and Eve.

11999626_10104828288632720_7463096143472766236_o RIMG2455 RIMG2451

Until next year, keep the wheels turning.

Unpredictable Mother Nature

We have an official reroute dialed in for this year’s race.

Two days were spent in the field on roads and trails and lots of time going over maps and talking with locals trying to figure out a reroute for this years edition of the Smoke ‘n’ Fire. We wanted something that would be scenic, challenging and fit in with the nature of the route. Time was short, but we are pleased with what we have come up with.

The reroute will begin in Pine, and in lieu of going north to Featherville you will go south. The route will send you on a paved climb out of Anderson Ranch Dam and onto a very scenic and remote section of the Centennial Trail. Continue with some high plateau riding heading east toward Fairfield. From there the new route will divert you north into the mountains for a grind to Couch Summit, and then a fast downhill to Five Points/Rd. 227. This will put you back on the Smoke ‘n’ Fire route.  18 bonus miles so you get even more bang for your buck!

The .GPX file is on the site now as well as Cue and Resupply Notes.  Communique #3 has gone out with a more detailed update.  Only a few short days out before it’s go time!

Here are a few random photos from the route…

IMG_3428IMG_3433 IMG_3434

An obscure route off Couch Summit seemed about perfect – on paper.IMG_3453 IMG_3450

Ketchum Intel has it that sheep, herders and their dogs will be moving along portions of the route. It’s that time of year and this was a rather large herd of sheep at Cow Creek.



Rock, Mud, Fire, Water…and Sheep

Quick update on all things Smoke ‘n’ Fire…

Two communiques have gone out and those who are signed up and riding should have received those two emails over the past couple weeks.

The Featherville Road has about a 1/4 mile washout approximately 15 miles east of Featherville that has entirely wiped out the road. There may be a trail constructed around this washout, but if not there will be a detour that will skirt this area and bring you back on route so you can have the joy of climbing Dollarhide.

Trackleaders Live Tracker is up and names will continue to be populated to the site.  We have waypoints added for time splits at Featherville, Ketchum, Stanley and Garden Valley this year.

The smoky haze is virtually gone from the Boise area and we’ll keep you posted on other areas as we have more information.  Fires are still burning, but favorable winds, a bit of rain, and lower temperatures have helped conditions.

Speaking of weather, looks like temps will be near perfect next week.  70’s and 80’s during the day and close to freezing at night in the Sawtooth Valley, but not into the teens like we had last year.  Water bottles and Camelbaks should be safe from freezing!

Ketchum intel indicated sheepherders are bringing their herds down from summer pasture, possibly on the Centennial Trail, Harriman and Wood River Trail.  Riders encountered a few herds last year as well.  More coming on safely riding around and through herds and how to deal with the guard dogs and collies.

Finally, if you are new to self-supported bikepacking, please take the time to read and understand the rules and the expectations.  There are guidelines for these types of events, and a final communique will be going out that will address this in more detail.

That’s all for now, and safe travels for those of you coming to Boise.


2015 Registration is OPEN

Yep, registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400!!

We are 60 days out from our September 9th start date.  The weather in Idaho is hot and dry and come September let’s hope our event does not live up to it’s name.  The name was forged from the raging fires of 2012, however last years race saw temps from the low 90’s to the low teens.  Almost perfect conditions except for the frozen body parts and frozen H20 systems.

Send an email to: and include your:

Will you Rent or do you Own a SPOT Device

We will get your name added to the Start List and send out e-mail communiques as we update information and we get closer to race day.

Happy training and see you in September.

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