The Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400 is a self-supported mountain bike route that highlights some of the great diversity of Idaho’s geography including prolific river systems, mountain ranges and abundant wildlife. This 400ish mile loop features nearly 41,000 feet of climbing, big expanses and big views, backcountry forest roads, the Centennial and the Harriman Trail, great single-track, occasional pavement, and a respectable amount of hike-a-bike.

September in Idaho is amazing!  The weather is generally great – clear and warm during the day and chilly at night, but it can also be fickle and unpredictable.  The trees are starting to change colors and there are fewer people in the backcountry which leads to more wildlife roaming around.

Idaho is a water rich state and much of the route winds along crystal clear rivers, pristine streams and clear lakes.  Plus there are many geothermal hot springs created by the forces of nature that are accessible and soakable.   The route traverses several scenic mountain ranges and if you’re not climbing you’ll be descending.

Resupply options and services are reasonable but small stores can limit hours or close for no apparent reason.  The options to bivy are endless.  You will find yourself in a beautiful river or lake setting either primitive camping or in an improved campsite that you will most likely have all to yourself.   There are even a couple hotel options if that’s how you roll.

The route will begin and end in downtown Boise in historic Hyde Park.  Boise has many interesting things to do, attractions to see, and a relaxed and inviting vibe.   There are numerous restaurants and bars and distinctive local microbrews throughout the city to keep you occupied before and after the race.

Start Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019
6:00am Start in Hyde Park at 13th and Eastman
400ish miles of love
100% self-supported
SPOT tracking optional, but highly encouraged
Live Tracking by Trackleaders