Honoring Jason Delgadillo

We are saddened at the tragic passing of one of our own.

Jason Delgadillo suffered from a fatal mountain biking accident Saturday morning, May 12th, riding one of the local trails he has ridden many, many times. Jason leaves behind his beautiful wife, Dana and five young children.

Jason was a veteran of the Smoke ‘n Fire and always one of the first to offer assistance in reconnaissance and researching alternative routes. With reroutes happening each year, Jason was a wealth of knowledge for roads and trails and volunteered to scout out some of the less desirable sections.  He was instrumental in eliminating some areas that were under consideration. Jason was all in all the time and provided incredible detail, gps tracks and always a narrative that made you smile.

One of many of his narratives…….

“We are back to the land of the living….mostly.  To the trip report.  First of all, getting dropped off at 9pm at galena lodge and immediately heading to titus lake was a treat.  a real treat.  You will be making a lot of friends with that addition.  🙂  I’m sure in the daylight it would look a lot better.  Also, lots of smoke and ash on that summit friday night.

As expected to redfish, Rob and Cody slept on the sofa’s in the unlocked lodge while Paul and I were on the lawn, until the sprinklers came on at 4am.  But it was worth the all you can eat breakfast buffet.  The single track out of redfish was tough climbing, but I enjoyed the view and the descent out.  I think that is a good addition overall. 

The reroute around the dirt on stanley was not as bad as I expected.  The summit up cape horn was very smokey, made me quite nauseous, but was able to keep it under control.  There will be no escaping that during the race.  FS579 is an absolute mess with all the fire fighting traffic I supose.  Deep, deep washboard or 6″ of sand.  Those seemed to be the two options.  But maybe it is always like that?  I’ve heard stories of years past.”


The Idaho Statesman Article about Jason:


Please consider a donation to the GoFundMe that’s been set up by his partner, Kirk, in their Boise Trails project.


Jason will be missed but never forgotten and he will live in our hearts and minds forever. He has left an indelible mark on the Idaho landscape, and his imprint is on every trail in this valley and beyond.  That should give us all some peace and comfort as we honor this humble, generous, kind and amazing man.

So many are so grateful to have known you. You’ve made us all better.

Rest in Peace, Jason.