The Smoke ‘n Fire is coming soon….

The ever evolving Smoke ‘n Fire…

The Smoke ‘n Fire is about a month out, and this year’s race kicks off at 6:00am on Wednesday, September 13th.

But first, we have yet another reroute to sort out east of Featherville. This year miles of road have been destroyed on the South Fork from major flooding, but opportunity knocks. There are a couple of options that are being hammered out that may keep the Featherville to Smokey Creek in play. It could involve water crossings or perhaps more elevation gain and some challenging new single track. Or both.

Fire season in Idaho is late to arrive, but it’s kicking into high gear. So far we’ve  been fortunate to not have any raging, out of control, fire activity. As we know, this can change instantly.

The Trackleaders Registration link will be active on our website in a couple of weeks. You will be able to rent a SPOT device or register your private SPOT at that time. We should have the final .GPX track by the end of August. Stay tuned.

If you’re planning on toeing the line for this years event, please shoot a brief letter of intent to:

More to come as we get closer to the event. And thanks once again for your continued interest.