Plan C – the reroute is a wrap!

We have the official reroute dialed in and the .gpx track and cues wrapped up.  Emails went out to all riders with detailed information and the new route and cues are on the site.

The Deadwood area is effectively off limits, which accounts for nearly half of our route. We looked at several options to work around the fire zone but it became apparent there was not way around the Pioneer Fire. Our route was boxed in by the fire perimeter and wilderness area.

So, this year we have a modified out and back. There are actually more miles this year but the elevation gain has dropped by about 5,000 feet.  Longer but less climbing.  And there are multiple hot springs on a section of the route – Middle Fork Road, to take advantage of.

The Live Tracker is up and as riders continue to sign up the site will be populated.  You can check it out right here:  Smoke ‘ Fire 2016 Live Tracker  

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