Of Floods and Fire

Once again we will offering up a tasty reroute of this years edition of the Smoke ‘n Fire. Perhaps it’s the destiny of this event to be different each year. The reroute legwork is in process and we’ll know more next week on how this will all play out.

We have added some sweet new  single track this year – about 20 miles worth – and eliminated that much highway.  In addition, we had a successful purging of the unbeloved, and often scorned, Alder Creek Road out of Garden Valley. In its place, a twisted backroad that leads you to the Alder Summit before descending on an abandoned forest road into Mordor. You can take a look at the adds and subtracts right here, compliments of Greg Johnson : Smoke ‘n Fire Overlay

But first, we’ve got to get to Garden Valley. Last year a substantial flood demolished the road about 15 miles east of Featherville, which led to a reroute. This year the Pioneer Fire is raging and Scott Mountain Road is now closed.  And Placerville/Alder Creek is being threatened. A route is being explored this weekend that will potentially be a viable solution. And if that doesn’t work out we’ll go to Plan B…..or C. The show will go on.

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Communique #1 has gone out and those who are signed up and riding should have received that email on August 18th.  It contained pertinent info to the event.

The Trackleaders Registration link is on our website and names will continue to be populated as devices are rented and registered.  The deadline for renting a SPOT is midnight, September 7th. If you own your own SPOT the deadline is September 12th. If you want to jump on it right now, go here: 2016 SPOT Registration and Rental

Here are a few images to whet your appetite from recent recon work in the Ketchum and Stanley area, both areas unaffected by the fire.

RIMG3846RIMG3842RIMG3848 RIMG3802 RIMG3726 RIMG3744 RIMG3746 RIMG3749RIMG3768RIMG3777

That’s all for now and more to come as we get closer and have the official reroute dialed.

Pedal On!