2016 Registration is Open

Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400!!

We’re a couple months out from our September 14th race date.  We have a later start this year so hopefully any fire activity will be contained and the weather should be perfect.  Last year we had a formidable reroute in blistering heat that  left mental scars on many, many riders.  This arduous reroute was reported as hot and miserable with a few riders completely broken the first day. The good news was there was a hell of a tailwind!

The washed out road east of Featherville that was cause for the reroute will not be repaired this year. But not to worry because a trail through the boulder field has been built and your legs will be happy to be off the bike pushing and carrying through this short section.

If interested send an email to: elev8208@gmail.com and let us know you will be at the start and where you are from.  We will add your name to the Start List and send out e-mail communiques as we get closer to race day.

Pedal On and see you in September.