Unpredictable Mother Nature

We have an official reroute dialed in for this year’s race.

Two days were spent in the field on roads and trails and lots of time going over maps and talking with locals trying to figure out a reroute for this years edition of the Smoke ‘n’ Fire. We wanted something that would be scenic, challenging and fit in with the nature of the route. Time was short, but we are pleased with what we have come up with.

The reroute will begin in Pine, and in lieu of going north to Featherville you will go south. The route will send you on a paved climb out of Anderson Ranch Dam and onto a very scenic and remote section of the Centennial Trail. Continue with some high plateau riding heading east toward Fairfield. From there the new route will divert you north into the mountains for a grind to Couch Summit, and then a fast downhill to Five Points/Rd. 227. This will put you back on the Smoke ‘n’ Fire route.  18 bonus miles so you get even more bang for your buck!

The .GPX file is on the site now as well as Cue and Resupply Notes.  Communique #3 has gone out with a more detailed update.  Only a few short days out before it’s go time!

Here are a few random photos from the route…

IMG_3428IMG_3433 IMG_3434

An obscure route off Couch Summit seemed about perfect – on paper.IMG_3453 IMG_3450

Ketchum Intel has it that sheep, herders and their dogs will be moving along portions of the route. It’s that time of year and this was a rather large herd of sheep at Cow Creek.