Rock, Mud, Fire, Water…and Sheep

Quick update on all things Smoke ‘n’ Fire…

Two communiques have gone out and those who are signed up and riding should have received those two emails over the past couple weeks.

The Featherville Road has about a 1/4 mile washout approximately 15 miles east of Featherville that has entirely wiped out the road. There may be a trail constructed around this washout, but if not there will be a detour that will skirt this area and bring you back on route so you can have the joy of climbing Dollarhide.

Trackleaders Live Tracker is up and names will continue to be populated to the site.  We have waypoints added for time splits at Featherville, Ketchum, Stanley and Garden Valley this year.

The smoky haze is virtually gone from the Boise area and we’ll keep you posted on other areas as we have more information.  Fires are still burning, but favorable winds, a bit of rain, and lower temperatures have helped conditions.

Speaking of weather, looks like temps will be near perfect next week.  70’s and 80’s during the day and close to freezing at night in the Sawtooth Valley, but not into the teens like we had last year.  Water bottles and Camelbaks should be safe from freezing!

Ketchum intel indicated sheepherders are bringing their herds down from summer pasture, possibly on the Centennial Trail, Harriman and Wood River Trail.  Riders encountered a few herds last year as well.  More coming on safely riding around and through herds and how to deal with the guard dogs and collies.

Finally, if you are new to self-supported bikepacking, please take the time to read and understand the rules and the expectations.  There are guidelines for these types of events, and a final communique will be going out that will address this in more detail.

That’s all for now, and safe travels for those of you coming to Boise.