They’re off, but first…

Wrapped up the rider meeting last night and we had 30+ riders eating, drinking, making merry and configuring SPOT devices.  Things came together with only a couple hiccups with technology issues.

Big thanks to Trackleaders and Matthew Lee for helping get our event on the site and the timely help to resolve the few glitches we had.  And a huge thanks to Tyson and Bart for the assist and help with logistics.  And also to Darren Russinger for the great images below.

Thanks to all the riders for their patience as we got the ball rolling.

Best of luck to all those racing and see you at the finish line!

Follow along here for the Live Tracker 

And a few pics from last evening…….

Smoke n Fire-117

Smoke n Fire-159

Smoke n Fire-114

Smoke n Fire-161

Smoke n Fire-148 (2)

Smoke n Fire-157

Smoke n Fire-106

Smoke n Fire-123-2

Smoke n Fire-130

Smoke n Fire-97-2