Two weeks out!

OK all you SF400 racers, voyeurs and blue dot oglers…we are two weeks out from ‘go time’!

Quick update:  SPOT rentals/registration deadline is August 31st.  You need to log in and get this taken care of.  If your renting a unit it will be shipped to E/208 HQ and we will hand them out on the evening of the 9th at the riders meeting.  Trackleaders send a confirmation email so if you have signed up check for the email in your spam or junk folders.

We have 37 people signed up and we are excited about that.  Nearly half are from out of state and we are thrilled they are coming to Boise for our inaugural race! 

We will have a riders meeting on the 9th and are still nailing down specifics.  It will be around 13th and Eastman where you will start and finish.

Questions??  Ask on Facebook (Elev8/208) or email directly to Norb or Tyson.

And speaking of Tyson, he will start an ITT of the SF400 on September 4th at 7am.  Be sure to watch him on the Trackleaders site to see his progress.