SF400 Update

Hey all…..quick update on our little race here in Idaho.

The Start List is updated and we have 28 souls so far ready to roll on September 10th.  The Super Full Moon makes an appearance on September 9th, so needless to say you night owls who like to ride deep into the night are in for a treat.

Recent emails were sent out with general information and Boise logistics (if you’ve registered you will have gotten these two emails).  Look for the link to register or rent your SPOT on the Sign Up page.  You have a couple of weeks but don’t wait too long.

We’ve had rainstorms in the mountains, which is great during fire season, but it has washed out some of the roads between Featherville and Ketchum. These may or may not be accessible by the time the race starts, but we will have reroutes in place as necessary. No need to panic yet.

super full-moon

More news to come as things unfold.